Google Analytics App+Web Migration Tool

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About the Tool

Since the launch of Google Analytics App+Web, many GTM practitioners are eager to see what's new. The App+Web Migration Tool was created to make it as simple as possible to migrate your old Universal Analytics tags over to App+Web. Here's how it works.

  • Users authenticate via OAuth. No personal or GTM data is stored.
  • A new workspace is created so that all changes are tracked and revertable.
  • Your container is scanned for GA Settings variables that are mapped to App+Web Configuration tags.
  • Your UA Pageview and Event tags are converted into App+Web event tags. All firing and blocking triggers are preserved.
  • Your UA event parameters (category, action, label) are converted into App+Web event parameters.
  • You can preview your new tags in JSON format before they are created in a new workspace.

Once the migration is complete, you can continue to edit the new tags in GTM.